Welcome to Animal Clinic Blijdorp

Due to our loving and professional approach, most animals are happy to come back in our clinic;
And we are proud of that!
In our clinic, with a homely look, we work with a team of highly involved veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
In addition, we find it important that owners and their pets feel at home and comfortable with us. The health and well-being of your pet is always our priority.
That's why we want the best for your pet.
Animals are our passion!
Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 19:00

We work by appointment only. You can make an appointment by telephone at 010-4657363
The enterance to the Schepenstraat at the Stadhoudersweg/Schieweg is blocked, due to road maintainence. We advise our customers to enter the Schepenstraat via the crosspoint with the Walenburgerweg (near the Dirk van den Broek). 
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